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Provincial Policy Statement, Under the Planning Act.   Most recently updated in 2020.  Municipal land use and zoning regulations must be consistent withe PPS and provincial legislation.

Policy 1.1.1;
“Healthy, livable and safe communities are sustained by; ensuring that necessary infrastructure and public service facilities are or will be available to meet current and projected needs”.

Policy 1.7.1;
“sustaining and enhancing the viability of the agricultural system through protecting agricultural resources, minimizing land use conflicts, providing opportunities to support local food, and maintaining and improving the agri- food network”.

Section “In prime agricultural areas, all types, sizes and intensities of agricultural uses and normal farm practices shall be promoted and protected in accordance with provincial standards” .

Also under the PPS is the the Minimum Distance Separation Formulae (MDS). It establishes setbacks for new developments from farms, including existing livestock facilities (MDS I), and setbacks for new livestock facilities from existing developments (MDS II)

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