About the contributors

As the site grows, more contributors are added.  MacRae is ultimately responsible for the content (and the errors and omissions).


Rod MacRae - Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

I've worked for years with many brilliant people and our collaborations are a big part of this site.  Many graduate students have  made key contributions to my understanding of the change process.  I highlight key people here.

Stuart Hill - Emeritus Professor,  Foundation Chair of Social Ecology, School of Education, Western Sydney University (Kingswood Campus)

Mark Winfield - Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies York University

Elisabeth Abergel - Professeure, Département de sociologie, UQAM

Ralph Martin  -Professor,  Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph

Derek Lynch - Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University

Debbie Field - Distinguished Visiting Practitioner, Centre for Studies in Food Security,
Ryerson University

Post-doctoral fellows:

Sarah Rotz, University of Guelph (now Assistant Professor, Dept. Social Sciences, York University)

York University graduate students:

Michelle Szabo, Kalli Anderson , Fiona Louden,  Sandi Trillo, Anne Siu, Doug McCallum, Marlee Kohn, Tania Hernandez, Danielle Perreault, Japji Anna Bas, Cassie Wever, Sunday Harrison-Vickers, Kristen Howe, Zsofia Mendly-Zambo, Omar Elsharkawy, Gurvinder Grewal, Shilpi Saraf-Uiterlinden, Brianne Meikle, Sasha McNicoll, Rabia Ahmed, Ngoc Dieu Cindy Pham