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I have 30 years of experience providing training, research and advice to governments, businesses and NGOs on food system change (see the bottom of this page for previous clients).  My services fall in the category of intermediate to advanced solutions. I can address all the topics covered on this web site.  My unique contribution is transition strategies for food system change that are rooted in evidence, successful practice, and "what could be" research. I not only offer what can be done, but also what advocacy strategies need to be applied to heighten the possibilities of successful implementation. I work with a team of collaborators who bring additional expertise to the subjects to be addressed.

Targeted Conversations

Because my focus is on advocates for change with intermediate to advanced experience in their field, I don't offer introductory talks.  Instead, I participate in conversations, either remotely or in person. This can involve extended meetings over periods of time. As part of this, depending on the your needs,  I do webinars or in person presentations of 45 - 90 minutes with small audiences, with slides and commentary. See Key Resources in the Footer for examples.  I work with you to identify the key aspects of the presentation,  and the appropriate level of delivery.  I provide resources for follow up by participants.

Training workshops

Given my focus, workshops can be more useful than short presentations. Suitable workshop design is critical to success, so I spend considerable time with the organizers on style, format, facilitation, content and room and technical requirements.

Policy research and analysis

I provide analysis that is consistent with, but goes beyond, the content of this site. We spend time at the beginning clarifying the purpose, focus, length and format of the analysis.

Strategic advice on policy change and program design

I provide advice on organizational strategies, usually involving review of your key strategy documents and oral briefings.

Some previous clients

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Canadian Council for International Cooperation - Ontario, Canadian Environmental Law Association, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, Canadian Organic Growers, Chinook Public Health (Lethbridge), Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario, Greenpeace, Council of Canadians, Environmental Defence Canada, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Food Secure Canada, Food Secure Manitoba, FoodShare Toronto, International Development Research Centre, Kawartha World Issues Centre, Local Food Plus, Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, National Roundtable on Environment and Economy, Nova Scotia Crop Insurance Commission, Ontario Environment Network, Ontario Natural Foods Coop, Oxfam-Canada, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, PEI Department of Agriculture, Pollution Probe, Region of Waterloo Public Health, Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP)-Canada, Ryerson University, Toronto Public Health, World Wildlife Fund Environment Canada.