Governments offer many different kinds of programs - funding, information, activities, training, etc.  Often programs are bundles of instruments, so there is some overlap between this  and other sections.  This is not an exhaustive program accounting, but rather focuses on those discussed on other pages of the site. Programs that are explicitly part of created a Joined up National Food Policy are addressed under Actors. This section relies significantly on research conducted by  Food-EPI Canada 2017 and FLEdGE and Food Secure Canada .


Provincial / territorial


Assessing program effectiveness



All AAFC programs,

Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The next set of programs attached to the renewal of the Agricultural Policy Framework (and successor to Growing Forward 2), they come into effect April of 2018.  These are primarily cost-shared programs with the provincial and territorial governments, totally $3 billion over 5 years.  Sub-programs address themes of  Business Risk Management, Environment, Food Safety, Research and  Innovation, Support for Under-represented groups in agriculture, and Trade and Competitiveness.  Programs include: AgriMarketing, Agriscience, AgriInnovate, AgriAssurance, AgriDiversity, and  AgriCompetitiveness.  Provincial programs that are not co-funded with the federal government are described under Provincial.

Ministers of agriculture put out a set of guiding principles for the 2023-28 program called the Guelph Statement.  In July 2022, they announced a new agreement called the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, with increased funding and some new environmental programming, with modest GHG reduction targets.

Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Program

Agricultural Climate Solutions

Agricultural Clean Technology Program

Health and food security

Aboriginal Head Start

Aborginal Diabetes Initiative

Arctic Policy Framework programs

Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (Strategic Investments)

Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario

Western Economic Diversification

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

community Action Program for Children

Achieving Healthier Weights in Canada's Communities

Economic Development

Value Chain Roundtables

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program

Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative

Farm Credit Canada

Young Farmer Loan

Young Entrepreneur Loan

Education and food literacy

Multisectoral Partnerships to Promote Healthy Living Prevent Chronic Disease Program

FArm to SChool: Canada Digs In!

Kid Food Nation

Food Fit


Employment Insurance

Child  Credit Benefit

Child Disability Benefit

GST/HST zero rating for groceries

Old Age Benefit

Guaranteed Income Supplement

Working Income Tax Benefit

CPP and CPP Disability