A common definition of regulation is rules set out and enforced by an authority to control or govern conduct, in the case of the food system, conduct across numerous actors, contexts and geographies.  Select regulations are listed here that are named in change strategies.


Provincial / territorial


Assessing regulatory effectiveness



Regulations under the Competition Act

Regarding expanding the types of transportation deemed essential for proper market function (see Sustainable Transportation, Substitution);

Regulations Respecting Anti-Competitive Acts of Persons Operating a Domestic Service
Regulations under the Health of Animals Act

Regarding transport of animals to improve animal welfare (see Sustainable Transportation, Substitution)

Livestock transportation requirements
Regulations under the Feeds Act

Regarding permitted recycled materials in feed (see Food waste, substitution)

Recycled Food Products
Regulations under the Canadian Agricultural Products Act

Regarding the rules around organic production, processing, distribution, certification and labeling.

Regulations under the Safe Food for Canadians Act
Organic products