Policy statements, visions and plans

Policies are the principles and rules that guide how organizations, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly. Visions identify a desired future.  Plans (and strategies) bundle together many different instruments to create a coherent path to a desired future.


Provincial / territorial




National food policy overarching goal: “All people in Canada are able to access a sufficient amount of safe, nutritious and culturally diverse food. Canada’s food system is resilient and innovative, sustains our environment, and supports our economy.” (see press release and backgrounder).

Federal Sustainable Development Act (2008) - “Sustainable Food” section of the vision statement states: “Innovation and ingenuity contribute to a world-leading agricultural sector and food economy for the benefit of all Canadians.”

The AAFC "commitment to sustainable development flows from its mandate of helping the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products industries compete in domestic and international markets, deriving economic returns to the sector and the Canadian economy as a whole. Sustainable management of natural resources is a core requirement for an economically successful agricultural sector." (Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy: Supplementary to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s 2014-2015 Report on Plans and Priorities, AGRIC. & AGRI-FOOD CAN)

Annual report on plans and priorities (RPP)

Calgary Statement – Towards the Next Policy Framework

Low level presence of GMOs