Proposed amendments (Emergencies)

See Goal 2, Demand - Supply Coordination. According to the Act (particularly pertinent features highlighted),

“public welfare emergency” means an emergency that is caused by a real or imminent

  • (a) fire, flood, drought, storm, earthquake or other natural phenomenon,
  • (bdisease in human beings, animals or plants, or
  • (c) accident or pollution

and that results or may result in a danger to life or property, social disruption or a breakdown in the flow of essential goods, services or resources, so serious as to be a national emergency.

  1. (1) While a declaration of a public welfare emergency is in effect, the Governor in Council may make such orders or regulations with respect to the following matters as the Governor in Council believes, on reasonable grounds, are necessary for dealing with the emergency:
  • (d) the authorization of or direction to any person, or any person of a class of persons, to render essential services of a type that that person, or a person of that class, is competent to provide and the provision of reasonable compensation in respect of services so rendered;
  • (e) the regulation of the distribution and availability of essential goods, services and resources;
  • (i) the assessment of damage to the environment and the elimination or alleviation of the damage; and
  • (j) the imposition
  • (i) on summary conviction, of a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both that fine and imprisonment, or
  • (ii) on indictment, of a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both that fine and imprisonment,

for contravention of any order or regulation made under this section.