State of pollinator health in Canada

Key actors

Strategies to improve pollinator health

Municipal plans - Toronto, Vancouver, etc
Provincial plans
Federal plans
Legislative changes
Municipal by-laws
Provincial Bee Acts
Federal Pest Control Products Act
Program supports
Disease prevention
Sustainable honey production protocols


From Patrick Secord

OMAFRA and the Ontario Beekeepers Association provide resources for both hobbiest and commercial beekeepers to manage pests, pesticides, pathogens and parasites (Varroa Destructor being the most detrimental to colony health).
Other local (Ontario) actors contributing to health of the apiculture industry through education and research include Niagara College (recently adding a Commercial Beekeepers program), and the  U of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre,   At the request of Sustain Ontario there is a a paper which explores beekeeping policy in urban Ontario (Berquist et al., 2012).

On the matter of Sustainable Honey production, see transcript about issues of dumping which undermines local beekeeping by flooding the market  with cheap (and likely adulterated).