Why joined up food policy?

The coherent and comprehensive policy environment that links food system function and behaviour to the higher order goals of health promotion and environmental sustainability.  [click on title to see more]

How does policy change drive changes among food system actors?

Policy, politics and the process of change.  Fundamentals of policy advocacy and Sean Moore’s strategic inquiry process.  The need for progressive and profound regulatory pluralism [click on title to see more]

Indigenous-settler relations: land, water, food, and justice (Martorell and FSC)

Canada's food system is built on a colonial history ....... [click on title to see more]

History of attempts to create food policy in Canada

Canada has experienced numerous moments when a national joined up food policy could have been created .....  [click on title to see more]

Current non-governmental proposals (CFA, CAPI, CBC, Ontario food and nutrition strategy, Manitoba, PFP, etc)

Several national organizations have produced food policies or food strategy documents the past few years ....  [click on title to see more]

The federal government initiative (2016)

Just after being elected in 2016, the Prime Minister instructed many of his new cabinet ministers to develop a national food policy ....  [click on title to see more]

Overview scan of food policy development at the provincial level (Martorell)

Overview scan of municipal food policy development

A 2013 report provides an overview of developments at the municipal level

Overarching policy to create a food system that promotes health, justice and environmental sustainability

[Link to existing policy statements to provide contrast]

What does an effective policy advocate do?

It's not enough just to identify what needs to be changed.  Advocates for change have to do the research, design and implement a strategy to make their proposals a reality ....  [click on title to see more]