Housing and food are very linked because they are both basic needs household expenditures. The lowest income quintile spends over half their expenditures on necessities (1/3 on shelter, 15% on food), while the highest spends less than 30% (less than 1/5 on shelter, about 8% on food) Shahid, S. 2021. Low - income  Canadian households will suffer the most from soaring inflation, G&M Sept. 17, A13.

Both right to food and right to housing are embedded in UN declarations and conventions. Housing strategy released in 2017. Outside actors drafted the Act but only parts of it were adopted. 2019 Right to Housing Strategy Act adopted by the federal government.   Way less interested in right to food.

Key question is how to integrate housing and food initiatives.  Complicated by the very difficult housing situation across the country.

Provinces not directly affected by Right to Housing Act.  But agreements which each province under Housing strategy.  Doesn't really guarantee right to housing however.

Rental Construction Financing Initiative. Significant questions about whether it is really producing housing with affordable rents.

Rapid Housing Initiative.  Used by cities to buy housing or buy modular housing units.  $2.5 billion, started fall 2020.

National Housing co-investment fund

Federal Lands Initiative

These programs aren't meeting their targets.

Provinces and feds often subsidize rents for low income people

although many federal promises around housing, constitutional authority is somewhat limited to some housing financing rules, monetary policy and project funding.  CMHC often at centre. Provinces responsible for land use, and much of that devolves to municipal land use decision making for specific projects and zoning. Federal funding often in loans to developers (can save them alot of money compared to conventional financing) which can't proceed without local approval. Many projects held up at the municipal level.  Maintenance often an issue with social housing, which takes housing out of use. (Bula, F. 2021. Despite election pledges, federal parties hae limited power to boost housing. G&M Sept. 13)