Supplemental mandate letters, January 15, 2021

Supplemental mandate letters re-iterated existing commitments, with a COVID-19 lens applied.  The only minor adjustment of (limited) note is a focus on local food supply chains on the Prairies. Although there is reference to climate change in the letter to the Minister of Agriculture and Agrifood, it does not specify any agricultural strategies for contributing […]

New mandate letters for ministers

The Prime Minister has asked key ministers to continue with implementation of the national food policy.  The language of the mandate letter to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food suggests no new implementation measures are being considered, a problem given how weak the announced initiatives are (see earlier blog posts).  The letter also maintains the […]

Additional elements of national food policy released on federal web site

AAFC’s web site devoted to a national food policy contains new information on 2 sub-elements that elaborate on last week’s food policy announcement: priority outcomes and guiding principles.  The web site also names two additional dimensions to be developed: targets and results reporting.  A bit more information is provided on the role of the National […]

Two pieces added to national food policy: many parts still missing

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food announced two pieces of the national food policy on June 17 in Montreal (see press release and backgrounder). The federal government has now made public its overarching goal, based the Minister says on what emerged from the consultations undertaken since 2016: “All people in Canada are able to access […]

Federal Budget 2019: this is not a national food policy

Contrary to the federal government’s framing of the budget (and the way some media outlets have reported it), the program initiatives put before the House of Commons Tuesday in no way introduce a food policy for Canada. How can a smattering of disconnected program announcements with bread crumb funding be in any way a coherent […]

Government releases "What we heard" report

My brief assessment: One of the better "what we heard" reports from the federal government. It's clear, well presented and covers many essential areas.  There are understandably numerous contradictions and many issues are not well integrated, but sorting through that is of course for the next stage of food policy development. I look forward to […]