Click on the problem category below if you'd like to see the details on problems of the Canadian food system .  These are quick summaries that set the stage for discussion of solutions on the rest of the site.



Poor diet and increased morbidity and mortality
Antibiotic resistant bacteria
Reduced food quality


Socio-cultural and equity

Land consolidation and land grabs
Loss of rural culture and amenities
Loss of commensality and increased isolation
Community marginalization

Economy and income

Low income for many farmers
Low income for food system workers
Corporate concentration
Market failure
Labour force maldevelopment
Reliance on exports
Transportation inefficiencies


Placeless food
Trade agreements
Loss of regional infrastructure


Inequitable access to food retail
Limitations on urban food production
Failure to protect agricultural land
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Limited food literacy
Separation of food from education
For more on these problems, see Goal 3, Integrating food into educational processes

Governance and Policy change

Constitutional obstacles
Consolidation of decision making
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