Research Projects


The Circle project

Lead researchers: Ralph Martin, University of Guelph; Jennifer Ball, University of Waterloo
Other researchers: Rod MacRae, York University; Jennifer Turnbull and Don Mills, OMAFRA
Project summary: Inclusive inquiries of production and consumption conundrums for emerging policies to improve food systems in Ontario
Project documents:
Discussion papers

Paper 1:  How could the food system sustainably produce, process and distribute food and also generate resilience in the face of climate change?

Paper 2: How can we address climate change and keep food affordable for low income people?

Paper 3. What is the role of the human diet in addressing food security, health and climate change at the same time?

Session reports

Session 1 Sept. 15, 2017

Session 2 Nov. 3, 2017

Participant observations on the process
Project results